For our members

The Town & Country Hispanic Heritage Alliance is pleased to provide the following activities for its members:Gazpacho Soup

Monthly Meals: Dine with friendly members each month at different Spanish restaurants in the Southeast Valley.

Cinema Club: Share an interesting Spanish movie selection with a light snack each month, normally hosted on a Friday evening in the home of a member.

Cultural Events and Presentations: Join us as we periodically celebrate the annual events important to Spanish culture.

Reservations for most activities are recommended.

Just for children

Children’s Playgroup: Spanish Shawls*Spanish children

Playgroup with a Spanish twist. The Spanish Shawls cater to the infant-to-preschool crowd.

Parents and children get together to play, have fun, and chat it up in Spanish. The group – moms and children – meets weekly at the home of one of the moms, or at a park, child-friendly museum, or play area.

Moms also meet monthly for dinner, bowling, or some other social activity.

The Spanish Shawls’ annual meeting | family picnic is in Oct.

*This group is not affiliated with the Town & Country Hispanic Heritage Alliance

If you are interested in this playgroup, please contact us for referral.