San Anton is on Fire!

Garbanzos with Chorizo and Peppers - Titos de Gamonal

 January 17th is the Feast of San Antonio Abad, who is also known as San Antón in Spain. Although he was a hermit from Egypt, since Medieval times he has been the patron saint of domestic animals. To celebrate his feast, the night before and the day of the actual feast on January 17th, the Spanish build huge bonfires or hogueras in the streets, especially in Andalucia, Castilla-La Mancha, the Community of Valencia and Aragón. In Cataluna and the Balearic Islands, there are mounted processions in the streets. The townspeople gather around the bonfires, visit, eat, dance and drink.

In towns like Trigueros (Huelva), townspeople throw legs of ham, bread and money as the religious procession for San Antonio makes its way through the streets and around the bonfires. In the area of Vega de Granada, in the province of Granada, the Olla de San Anton is prepared. It is a super stew containing lots of delicious, but high calorie ingredients, such as: beans, bacon, pigs feet, pigs ears and ribs, and morcilla sausage.

The steaming hot Titos in the photo were prepared by one of the fraternal organizations in the Gamonal neighborhood of Burgos in northern Spain. Thousands of servings are distributed free to all residents of Burgos on January 17th, St. Anthony’s feast day. “Titos” are a legume that is similar in appearance to garbanzos and were commonly eaten a century ago when other beans weren’t available.

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